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Monthly Archives: January, 2012

Where science, math and art collide (Twitter assignment)

On Thursday, Jan. 26, New York Times data artist in residence Jer Thorp gave a lecture in Shillman Hall. He talked about his area of expertise, making data visualizations. For example, Thorp created an interactive tool for the Times to chart how Times content had been shared over a time lapse. I covered this lecture …

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Skiing’s got us all a-twitter!

Get the headline joke? Because this post is about Twitter, so it’s funny? No, you say? Anyway, I went kind of crazy when I started following Twitter feeds related to my beat. I had a good time with my first real day of Twitter. I didn’t Tweet anything, but I found some neat stuff. Did …

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Lift tickets for the broke college student

One of the perks of being a college student is that ski resorts like to offer special discounts. For most places, all you have to do is show your college ID card while purchasing your lift ticket or season pass, and they’ll send you on your way to the slopes for somewhat cheaper than if …

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Trail map for ski blog readers

Ever feel like you’re lost among the thousands of ski blogs around the web? Well, fear not! The Ski Guru: Boston.com, along with its New England ski and snow sports page, features a blog with updates on New England skiing. Snow sports journalist Heather Burke maintains it. Sometimes Boston.com sports blogger Eric Wilbur contributes. This …

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New England pelted with snow

My roommate got home about an hour ago and told me it was snowing outside. I looked out the window and felt like a little kid again finding out it’s a snow day. There may have been a happy dance that followed my roommate’s pronouncement. Apparently this storm’s due to hit much of the northeast. …

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Stuff skiiers say

So the [Expletive] Girls Say videos and their subsequent tributes have really spread all over the web, even getting some coverage by Anderson Cooper this week. I found this while searching on Youtube for skiing videos and found it quite amusing.

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An introduction

The first half of my childhood, I lived in California. It never snowed. One time it hailed – my brother and I were so excited, but my mother insisted that we bundle up in winter clothing first. It was something like what the little brother in “A Christmas Story” suffered. And of course, by the …

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