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Ski season not over yet – hello, spring skiing?

Usually once March swings around, it’s spring skiing season in the northeast. Ski resorts stay open until about some time in April (while some out west stay open through May or June). But this season’s especially mild winter has been hard on New England ski resorts.

And snowmen, too.

Katie Johnston wrote on Boston.com a few weeks ago:

Spring skiing is not a huge money maker for most resorts, but record high temperatures in March have made an already shortened season even shorter. Ski industry trade groups in New Hampshire and Vermont estimate that skier visits at some resorts fell by as much as 20 percent from last season, when it snowed early and often.

But as Boston.com ski blogger Heather Burke noted earlier this week, there’s still seven New England resorts toughing it out. Sunday River, Sugarloaf, Saddleback, Loon, Wildcat, Killington and Jay Peak were all still open for business this week. Burke wrote that Sugarbush will reassess the lack-of-snow situation and make a final determination this week about staying open or not.

Some resorts are determined that if the season has to end early, it’ll go out with a bang. Or rather a bang for you buck:

Viva la 2011-2012 ski season! (Typed while wearing a T-shirt and flip flops, with all the windows in the apartment  thrown open, and all the trees outside in bloom. Sigh.)

Photo (cc) Flikr user 0¢ (“Zero Pennyworth”) and republished here  under a Creative Commons license. Some rights reserved.

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