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Skiing’s got us all a-twitter!

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Get the headline joke? Because this post is about Twitter, so it’s funny? No, you say?

Anyway, I went kind of crazy when I started following Twitter feeds related to my beat.

I had a good time with my first real day of Twitter. I didn’t Tweet anything, but I found some neat stuff. Did you know that Wildcat Mountain’s been open for 54 years? Or that this small Vermont ski resort existed, and is now expanding?

What I gather from Twitter is that it’s, to put it in layman’s terms, RSS times 1000. There’s so much raw information, so many links to more information (and the cycle repeats). I whiled away about an hour of my life today perusing Twitter when I should have been doing homework. It was great.

Anyway, out of the 28 skiing feeds I followed, these are my 10 favorite:

@SkiNewHampshire: Pretty self-explanatory. This Twitter details everything you need to know about skiing in New Hampshire.

And while I’m being uncreative, three more that are basically the same are @ski_vermont, @SkiNewEngland and @Ski_Maine. Each Twitter gives the New England skier updates on the named region. @SkiNewEngland is actually a little more useful because it’s just generally more applicable.

@OnTheSnow: A Twitter feed for OnTheSnow.com, a site about snow sports in general which is pretty cool. @OnTheSnow Tweets today let me know that lots of places are getting snow, and also, Olympic snowboarder Shaun White (a.k.a. “The Flying Tomato”) is prepping for the X Games. I’m not too much into professional skiing, but I love all the ski and snowboard events in the Olympics, and of course Shaun White tops that list.

Then you’ve got your standard skiing industry publications, namely @Skiingmag and @skimagonline, for general skiing news. If you’re a skier on Twitter looking for a place to start, these two are your answer.

@BostonSkiUpdate: Also a no-brainer, the Twitter feed for Boston.com Snow Sports. I’m pretty sure I linked to this page in my post about ski blogs, if I remember correctly. Basically just constant updates about Boston-area skiing. Boston.com Skiing has this neat showdown between ski resorts going on now (that I found on the @BostonSkiUpdate Twitter feed). As of Wednesday evening, Sugarbush, Killington, Mad River Glen, and Stowe are in the top four. Wonder when the winner’s declared.

@usskiteam: I know I said I’m not into professional skiing team, but maybe if I follow the US team’s Twitter, I’ll start to get into it. It’s an important part of the sport that I am sadly unknowledgeable about. Hopefully I’ll learn something from this Twitter.

@sundayriver: So I followed about a dozen or so ski resort Twitter accounts. I’m stepping out of my bounds as a journalist and showing some preference – Sunday River’s my favorite New England resort (closely followed by Killington). You can bet I’m keeping my eyes open for deals on lift tickets they might Tweet.

Picture is a public domain artwork. Unrelated, it is also adorable.


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