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New England pelted with snow

My roommate got home about an hour ago and told me it was snowing outside. I looked out the window and felt like a little kid again finding out it’s a snow day. There may have been a happy dance that followed my roommate’s pronouncement.


Apparently this storm’s due to hit much of the northeast. This following a wintry season that’s been severely lacking the most iconic wintry staple (snow). According to the afore-linked CBS article, Boston’s had 1.5 inches of snow to date (exempting the current storm), but is over 15 inches short of what it should have thus far and about 40 inches less than this time last year.

You could say this storm will be a good thing for ski resorts. They’ve been struggling, forced to open late, scurrying to make snow on a limited number of runs. Maybe this storm will kick-start the season, finally.

If my roommate hadn’t told me, the Wentworth students having a snowball fight in Evans Way Park would have. There must have been 100 people. Take a listen:

And there were even some MCPHS students shouting out and sprinting down the block:

It's sounds like the battle for Helm's Deep out there, is what I said to my roommate (we've been watching Lord of the Rings).

It sounds like the Battle of Helm's Deep out there, is what I said to my roommate. (We've been watching "Lord of the Rings").

Oh yeah, they’re still out there. Dedication to the cause.


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  1. I like this website it’s a master piece! Glad I found this on google.

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