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What skiers do in the summer

By the time the end of April comes around, it’s usually a sad time for skiers. Resorts close. Skis are packed away and placed in storage. Out come the sandals and the running sneakers for the summer months.

There is, of course, the rare skier who can take a trip out to Europe for some more skiing during the summer. Even some ski resorts in the western United States stay open into the early summertime, so at least a few people ski year-round (or at least try to, as much as possible, given the overly mild winter this year). Skiing in the Southern Hemisphere is popular as well, because our summer is their winter.

Then there’s also the interesting sport of pond skimming, a popular option towards the end of ski season. Refusing to accept that ski season has come to an end, many skiers keep their skis on and “ski” across a pond of water and slush. If anything, it reminds me of a slip-and-slide – for skiers.

The sport’s popular with snowboarders as well. Many local resorts have special  days for pond-skimming. Sugarbush had pond skimming in the last week of March, for example.

Mountain biking is also popular with skiers because it’s a very physical, full-body sport, much like skiing. Kevin Jordan at Examiner.com’s Denver branch writes that skiers enjoy mountain biking because of the similarities to skiing: the terrain shifts quickly, the body positioning is constantly changing, and foot-eye coordination is a necessity.

Jordan writes that the two sports are very “dynamic,” and,

We move different parts of our body at different times when we ski or bike. For instance, when skiing through the trees we might have to making a blocking pole plant to avoid an obstacle. Even worse, we may have to reach out and grab the trunk of tree to make a quick turn before that unforeseen cliff below. Just like in biking, we may have to move our feet first to begin to pedal. We might move our shoulders or tip our upper body/incline first to initiate a turn on our bikes.

I personally am a runner in the ski off-season, but there’s plenty of variety for active skiers. Best stay in shape to prep for next season (though it’s sadly quite a few months off).

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