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The mind-bloggling word of online ski communities

Besides the use of puns in headlines, I’ve learned a lot while maintaining this ski blog. If there’s one thing that stands out, it’s that information comes from all sorts of places for the blogger/aggregator of niche news.

My absolute favorite, especially because of its local angle, is Boston.com’s the Ski Guru blog. It’s part of Boston.com’s special snowsports section, and it’s usually updated at least 3-4 times a week.

Main page of The Ski Guru blog.

Snow sports journalist Heather Burke maintains The Ski Guru blog. Sometimes Boston.com sports blogger Eric Wilbur contributes. This blog follows everything from updates in weather to the number of open trails at local resorts. It’s my go-to place for New England ski news; I quote Heather Burke a lot in my blog posts because I love her writing style.

Heather Burke works with her husband Greg Burke, who takes pictures to accompany her writing. The two also collaborate on FamilySkiTrips.com and LuxurySkiTrips.com. Greg Burke’s pictures are phenomenal. The heavy use of visuals on the blog is a huge plus for me.

A few other sites I visit are Ski Magazine‘s and Skiing Magazine‘s websites, because they’re the most well-known publications in the industry. I don’t frequent these sites as much because I prefer the local edge. The writing at both sites is fantastic (obviously, since both are established journalistic publications).

The design is a little more dynamic than the Ski Guru blog, but that’s to be expected because both are more than blogs on the Internet; they’re bona fide print publications as well. I like how the home page of each of these sites divides stories up into categories (gear, ski resorts, fitness and nutrition, mountain culture, to name a few) so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

I also recently found Ski the East, a Vermont-based skiing site run by young skiers. The whole point of the website is to advocate the joy of “skiing the east” since so many skiers seem to favor the western U.S. The writing at Ski the East is a little less journalistic and a little more humorous – something of the flippant, rebellious tone of a young person.

A ton of content on Ski the East is user-generated. There’s a news section as well, which features everything from profiles of skiers to an interview with the governor of Vermont. A lot of the content, however, is promotional for Ski the East gear and the Ski the East Freeride tour, with legs at multiple New England ski resorts (the most recent being Jay Peak). While it’s not journalistic, Ski the East is the best at involving its community. Rather than featuring content from Ski the East writers, user content is featured on the home page.

There’s also On the Snow, a site that reminds me of Ski Magazine or Skiing Magazine’s website. A lot of the content is less blogging/news than it is locations of local ski resorts, charts about local ski conditions, and the like. On the Snow does have a news section, but it’s a national and even global focus rather than a geographic focus on New England. Also, I don’t like its design as much as Ski Magazine’s, but it may just be a personal thing.

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