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The hilarity of ski fashion

Heather Burke at Boston.com’s Ski Guru blog reports on the 2012 ski fashion show in Denver, and some of the trends border on ridiculous. She writes,

So mom was right, again. Everything eventually comes back into style. Take a look at ski fashion, hats with huge pom poms and shiny metallic ski jackets are back. Another huge trend at the annual 2012 Ski Fashion Show in Denver was the return of rainbow colors from the 80s. Of course, ski wear manufacturers are smart enough to change and update ski styles, so you will look dated if you just drag your old bright red parka out of the basement (besides you will smell of moth balls).

Some highlights from her top 10 of 2012 ski fashion: Neon colors echoing 80’s fashion, animal prints, shiny metallic fabrics, and fake fur.

His outfit is outdated - he's rocking 2007 chic in this 5-year-old picture.

On a related note, a roundup of some of the funniest ski fashions I’ve stumbled across:

Photo (cc) Flikr user sportsandsocial and republished here under a Creative Commons license. Some rights reserved.


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