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Colorado ski trip: Day 1

So I’m spending my spring break out in Colorado with my family on a ski vacation. I made sure to bring along my camera – finally, I don’t have to crawl through Wikimedia Commons for images to use on my blog! I can finally showcase my own photography.

Anyway, we flew out of Logan Airport in Boston on Saturday, March 3, to Denver Airport (and then it was a two-hour drive to the place we’re staying).

The view from the plane. For more pictures, click on the picture.

Going on a ski vacation, however great and fun, is still pretty expensive to fly. Luckily we flew Southwest, which lets you check your ski bag and boot bag as one of two free checked bags. In fact, most airlines let skiers count a ski bag and boot bag as one checked item.

When we arrived in Denver and got to the baggage claim, I was amused at the fact that they have a separate baggage claim for oversize luggage (that is, skis and snowboards) because so many people fly out to Colorado to ski. For context, an amusing video I found on Youtube:

To clarify, people are not allowed to ride on the baggage claim. I think these guys were just having some fun.

Once we finished our two-hour drive, we didn’t do much else but hit up the grocery store and get settled in. I’m looking forward to the rest of this week.

I took the featured picture Saturday, March 3, in an airplane over Denver, Colorado.


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