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Video Project: On campus housing and NU growing pains

In class we’ve spent the past few weeks on a video news segment project. Because I had difficulty getting to a ski resort for a story related to my beat, I instead focused on a Northeastern-centric story. Northeastern requires freshmen and sophomores to live on campus now, to appease the surrounding community, but that’s forced some upperclassmen out of on campus housing who were counting on not having to find an off campus apartment.

This video, from start to finish, took a solid two weeks to film and edit. I’m not sure how television broadcasters do multiple stories in one day (though having a reporter and a cameraman cuts the workload in half). I am not really interested in broadcast journalism, so this was an interesting learning experience for me.

A big difference I noticed between conducting interviews with a camera and just with a notebook is people’s willingness to be interviewed. Man on the street interviews are easy when you approach people nonchalantly, pull out your notebook a little later, maybe take out a camera even later for a picture or two, if you’re lucky. People are self-conscious about what they look like on camera; the interview becomes less about their opinion and more about if they look presentable and coherent, which is frustrating.

Next time I do man on the street interviews with a camera, I’ll try approaching with a notebook first and then pull out the video camera. If I build a rapport with the person, maybe he’ll warm up to the idea of a videotaped interview.

Though filming was difficult and frustrating, the video editing was pretty enjoyable. I have some prior experience with editing, so I wasn’t learning the basics the whole time. Also, I wasn’t stuck editing in a lackluster program like Windows Movie Maker (which dies most of the time) or iMovie (I’m not a big Mac person).

It was a good experience. I’m pretty satisfied with how the video report turned out.


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