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Getting married on Valentine’s Day…on top of a mountain

Loveland Ski Area in Colorado has this funny tradition every Valentine’s Day, probably thanks to its romantic-sounding name. They marry dozens of couples each year on top of the mountain. The grooms come out with collared shirts and tuxedo jackets on top, and snow pants and ski boots on the bottom. Women don short white dresses, winter hats and ski gloves.

I skied at Loveland on Valentine’s Day 2008 and got to see this firsthand, by chance. I just remember seeing tons of brides skiing past me. It’s really neat, kind of sweet for Valentine’s Day, sort of off the beaten (well, groomed) path.

This year’s “Mountaintop Matrimony” is Loveland’s 21st celebration of the annual event. It’s quite a tradition.

Loveland is advising attendees to dress in “ski-wedding attire” and will give an award to the best dressed. There’s all sorts of festivities for the day.

Take a look at some footage from last year’s ceremonies:


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